Is carved in high relief in dyed sappelly wood.
127 x 84 x 7 cm.


It represents  the theme of the German Mythology ,“the Walkirias” , virgin warriors who handled gracefully the sword, the arch and the arrows or the lance, riding in the air and arriving at the end of the battles to pick up the dead warriors who, due to their merits, would be taken to Walhalla or paradise similar to the Elysian Fields. The theme of the Walkirias has been represented in paintings and sculptures, among others, by P.N. Arbo and A.Ainding, from Norwey, Sandberg from Sweden, and the French E. Bayard. But better known is the theme of the Musical Art, as it was introduced by Richard Wagner in his well-known Tetralogy  “The ring of the Nibelung”.


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