Picture diptych carved in low relief on golden and treated cedar wood
105 x 86 x 6 cm

We can observe the aspects of the childhood education of Achilles. He was meant to become a famous Homeric hero, and was taught by Quiron (well-known for his wisdom and knowledge about medicine, and for being the Master of Aesculapius, the father of medicine) , requested by Peleus , Achilles father. Quieon raised him teaching him hunting skills, how to use the arch and arrows, lance and sword. He instructed him in medicine, music and general knowledge. The left picture represents the physical education, reproducing with some modifications, a painting of J.S. Sargent, and the right relief reproduces a painting of Pompeo-Batoni, in which we can see Achilles’ intellectual and artistic education. The theme of Achilles’ education can be seen in many representations in the history of Art; Rubens, Delacroix, Regnault, and so on. Some of the artists who treated him.


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