Carving in high and low relief in treated maple wood.
151 x 112 x 9  cm.

The classic myth of the Golden Age, described by Hesiod, Ovidius and even Cervantes, is represented. The ideal state in which humans used to live, happy, cheerful, without suffering diseases or pain, with no need to work or eat , when there was absolute harmony between men and gods. Astraea, deity that  personifies Justice, lived together within other deities among ordinary people , gathering young people and inviting them to obey the laws of Nature ; he appears in the centre of the picture In a typical landscape of the Happy Arcadia, surrounded by several young people and a dog  that is carefully listening to them. On the foreground we can see family groups of ordinary people in idyllic, relaxed , and affectionate situations.

In the background,  carved in medium and low relief, we can see other figures, deities related to the myth and some people that enjoy while others put flower garlands on a Hermes. The composition of this relief also presents a celestial part, Helius-the Sun- he is passing in his carriage under the Zodiac on his way to the West, guided by the aurora. In the Zodiacal arch we can see the constellations of Libra and Virgo , which are quite related to Astrea. A little further, we can see the constellations of the Pleyads and Hiads.
The horizontality and perspective of the composition contributes to give a sensation  of calmness and serenity. This sensation is reinforced by the structure in facade that brings together figures carved in the  foregrounds, and the higher relief in which more voluminous figures take all the base. The theme about the Golden Age can be found in paintings and engravings of P.da Cortona, J.Wtewael, .zucchi, Ingres, F. Catel, etc.


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