Sculptural  group located at the mining neighbourhood of “St Francisco” of Turon, made in bronze . It represents the old miner retiring, giving his lamp to the young man , replacing him and starting his life as a miner. It is modelled in life size and naturalist style, following, in some way, the style of Constantine Meunier , the great Belgian sculptor who dedicated some of his works, to mining matters. It was inaugurated on the fourth of December of 1979.
In 1982, the city of Mieres dedicated its postmark of the “Exfimeres 82” to the Monument in memory of the retired miner.
Benjamin Alvarez “Benxa”, a drawer and writer from Mieres, wrote this sonnet below:

Great piece of art of  mining beauty
Of our sculptor Felix Magdalena
In At Francisco of Turon is opened
“The miner who finishes and the one who starts”

Face worker who gives up his fierceness
To the beginner his lamp transfers
The exhausted miner inspires sorrow

The hope of the beginner has greatness

The piece evokes Solano,
Engineer and poet of the mine,
It’s the group of a noble human effect.

A posteador approaches and examines him
And the boy that is holding his hand

Says: dad, would you give me your lamp?

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