Group of bronze sculptures.

Cangas de Narcea, inaugurated on the 4th of December, 1984. It is made of  the sculpture itself, approximately 3 meters tall, and a base of limestone cut into prismatic shapes (this base together with the statue itself is about 5 meters tall). It represents , in a quite idealized and synthetic way, the pull out of the coal  through two interweaved figures; one of them is a face worker doing his job , naked to the waist and  holding the pneumatic hammer . The other one is a young boy shovelling the coal out of the face. The figures are represented in movement and tension in order to stress the physical effort , and modelled in a realist way. The statue tries to reflect the complementarity of the mine professionals in their work, and this composition reminds (seen from far) to some well known Baroque sculptures. These professionals have been chosen because of their meaning: the face worker is in a way, the main figure of the exploitation, and the young boy, the apprentice.


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